Repainting is an extremely cheap yet effective method to breathe new life into your home. A new set of colors in a home can entirely bring a new feel to any home, and can increase its value.

Repainting is an extremely cheap yet effective method to breathe new life into your home. A new set of colors in a home can entirely bring a new feel to any home, and can increase its value.


The most useful way of decreasing the use of energy and spending less on the electric bill is by adding cool paint to your home. It has so many different benefits helping you save from day one. Cool paint will help you save thousands, the special coating will reflect the sun by adding Infrared protection and pushing away all harmful rays by using white pigments. Cool paint is highly engineered paint, formulated and calculated to surpass any standard of infrared reflectivity and the longstanding stability requirements. Cool wall paint has a heavy coating that is very dense, which allows protection of the home’s surface from any harmful rays such as ultraviolet light and other types of damage including but not limited to chemical damage. Also, cool wall paint provides water protection and restorative features.  The cool wall coating not only reflects the sun but will help reduce heat transfer.

What Makes Cool Paint so Great?

Different tests have shown that a standard home can attract more than 87% of the heat produced by the sun. Just picture the energy required to help cool down the entire home! To be sure that you would be able to keep the house cool when needed and all year round, you will need to use over 1400 hours of AC or HVAC, and a standard air conditioning system uses as much energy as 33, bulbs rated at 100-watts each every hour!. By easily adding a layer of protection, cool wall paint, you will decrease the requirement of using your AC or HVAC for no reason as the temperature of the surface of your house can be diminished by as much as 37% and decrease your cooling expense up to 23.9% due to the cool wall coating and the paint reflecting the suns infrared rays back into the air. Cool paint doesn’t only give you a more comfortable home it will also save thousands in energy consumption in the long run!

 Energy Efficient Exterior Paint and How it Benefits:

  • Cool paint has the thickness of almost 11 times the thickness of standard house paint, therefore, it covers the need for endless repainting of homes. Due to the configuration of cool paint, distresses about repainting the home are greatly decreased. By adding a cool coating and paint, not only is energy cost reduced but you also can be certain that your home is sheltered from all the different elements that attack the house year round. By fixing any small cracks and also other minor problems or damage to the walls before starting the cool coating and paint process, you will be able to extend the life of your home.
  • Black fade defense is only one of the main things cool life coating and paint is well known for. Enhanced tests including different weather tests have shown cool paint is equivalent to those used with today’s progressive automotive paints, this means that cool life coating and paint is highly resilient to fading. Cool life paint and coating is available in a variety of colors.

Adding cool life paint and coating decreases your carbon footprint and is one step closer to battling our effects on climate change. A study has proven that “for every 2,450 square feet of a home that is coated with cool life paint will reduce the city’s overall carbon usage by one ton of Carbon Dioxide and help contest climate change.

Energy Savings

  • Send infrared rays away and back up into the sky!
  • Reduce the temperature of the surface of your house by as much as 37%.
  • Decrease the house cooling cost up to 23.4%

Energy Facts To Consider

  • Your house could be absorbing up to 87% of the sun’s heat ray that comes in contact with it.
  • Cooling down a standard home would up to 1400 hours if not more, of ACx/HVAC every year.
    • A standard Air Conditioning system will use as much energy if not more than 33, bulbs rated at 100-watts each every hour!

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